Stop and Taste the Roses at Cauldron Ice Cream

Stop and Taste the Roses at Cauldron Ice Cream

I was instantly attracted to Cauldron Ice Cream by their world famous Puffle Cones filled with some of the most unique ice cream concoctions on their trendy Instagram page. Puffle cones are a modern take on the egg waffle – they are made from a sweet, egg-based batter that, when cooked, puff up to form little airy pockets that resemble bubble wrap (and who doesn’t bubble wrap?!)

Moving on to the ice cream. Handcrafted in small batches using liquid nitrogen, their delicious ice cream is aromatic and flavorful with a dense and creamy texture so smooth you won’t be able to put down your spoon! With the assortment of innovative flavors, it was so hard to choose just one! Fortunately, I had my little brother, Jacob, with me so we could try two flavors.

We each ordered our flavors and asked the cashier to shape our ice cream into roses.
Menu as of May 28, 2018 (They rotate their menu and create new flavors each month) 

I devoured The Cauldron (cinnamon vanilla ice cream with Oreo cookies). The cinnamon flavor was delicious – it stood out for me in a good way.

The Cauldron – my favorite so far!

Jacob ordered the Mint Choco Chip (mint ice cream with chocolate chips) and, like every mint and chocolate creation he has tasted, loved it.

Two scoops of Mint Choco Chip with the requested rose shape

It is a bit of a performance to watch the creators use a Kitchenaid mixer and nitrogen to make the flavors. A delicious snack and a show? Worth every penny.


The next time I visit Cauldron Ice Cream, I want to try:

  • Rose H20: essence of rose ice cream sprinkled with rose sugar
  • American Pie: vanilla ice cream topped with spiced graham cracker crumbs and apple pie filling. The perfect flavor for the 4th of July!

Location: 1421 W MacArthur Blvd, Ste F Santa Ana, California 92704

Hours: Monday – Saturday: 12pm – 10pm; Sunday: 12pm – 9pm

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Tip: Use the decor as the background for an Instaworthy picture.

Basic background – perfect for a basic Instagram
Get the lighting just right and your ice cream will look even more delicious with this background



Time does fly when you stop and taste the delicious roses at Cauldron 

@All photos by me


Popbar: Deliciousness on a Stick

Popbar: Deliciousness on a Stick

The LAB, also known as the “Anti-mall,” is the home of a few not-so-known apparel, food and drink, and music shops, including Popbar in Costa Mesa, California. It is also a cute hipster area filled with people taking pictures for their Instagram.

I first discovered Popbar while I was scrolling through my Instagram and saw a half-dipped ice cream popsicle that looked delicious. I never tried it until now and I was pleasantly surprised.

The overall concept of Popbar is really cool. You can choose your flavor popSorbetto or popGelato and customize it by having it dipped in various melts (dark, milk or white chocolate) and add “poppings” (chocolate sprinkles, chopped almonds, crushed hazelnuts, etc).

o (2)
Selection of popbar gelato and sorbetto

If you don’t want to create your own, there is a menu of their “most POPular combinations.”

o (3)

I wanted to try one of the gelato and sorbetto, so I decided to order two of their most POPular combinations: Chocolate Covered Strawberry and Mint Chocolate Chip.

The Chocolate Covered Strawberry is a strawberry popSorbetto, half dipped in dark chocolate and drizzled in white chocolate. The flavor of the strawberry stood out for me because it tasted so fresh and it was the perfect light treat on a warm day.

Also, all of the popSorbettos are vegan-friendly and lactose-free!

Chocolate Covered Strawberry

The Mint Chocolate Chip is a mint popGelato, half dipped in dark chocolate and chocolate sprinkles. I love anything dipped in dark chocolate and the mint flavor was not too strong.

Mint Chocolate Chip

One bite of a pop will definitely make you a Popaholic.

The next time I visit Popbar I want to try:

  • Chocolate Green Tea Crunch: green tea popGelato, half dipped in milk chocolate, waffle cone topping, white chocolate drizzle.
  • Chocolate & Caramel Covered Popcorn: vanilla popGelato, fully dipped in dark chocolate caramel, caramel corn topping.

Location:2930 Bristol Street #A108, Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Hours: Open daily 12p.m-9p.m.

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o (1)
(Tip: Take a picture of your popbar for a “poppin'” Instagram picture)

@All photos by me

Monsters Unite at Snow Monster

Monsters Unite at Snow Monster

Monsters unite at Snow Monster in Westminster, California.

Their specialty boba drinks and delicious macarons filled with ice cream make the perfect dessert after a long day at school or a weekend treat.

They have three dessert drinks: Rainbow Cloud, Monster Cloud, and Flower Crown.

Their cold drinks come in a plastic 24-ounce cup. Snow Monster also encourages its customers to upgrade to their two glass options to bring back to purchase refills.

(Left) plastic 24 oz cup, (Center) glass etched 32 oz jar (upgrade $2.15), (Right) glass giant 27 oz light bulb (upgrade $2.70)

The Flower Crown is inspired by everyone’s favorite Snapchat filter. You get a choice of any cold drink, warm boba, and a handmade reusable flower crown.

I decided to try the coconut almond milk Thai tea, and it was such a good decision. The coconut did not overpower the drink and to top it off it was delicious.

Flower Crown with coconut almond milk Thai tea (non-dairy version of signature Thai tea topped with a vegan coconut almond milk)

With the Rainbow Cloud drink, you get a choice of any cold drink, warm boba and fruity pebbles sprinkled over spun-to-order cotton candy.

My brother tried the house made horchata and he was very impressed with the flavors. He thought the Boba was really good, however, he wouldn’t order the same drink again because he prefers sweeter flavors.

My brother, Jacob, trying boba for the first time!
Rainbow Cloud with house made horchata (made from scratch with our secret blend of ingredients including rice, cinnamon, and whole milk)

After we ordered our drinks, we saw the display of delicious-looking macarons. They come with a scoop of ice cream of your choice to make an ice cream sandwich. To get a real taste of each of the flavors, we ordered them separately. The three macaron flavors we tried were: Fruity Pebbles, Oreo, and Churro. Amazing!


Next were the ice cream flavors. We tried cookie butter, red velvet and cookies n’ crème. The red velvet was not my favorite and I probably wouldn’t order it again because there was not much flavor. However, I wish the cookie butter ice cream was available in a bigger size because it was the perfect sweetness. Jacob finished the cookies n’ crème, leaving me with only a bite to try it.

The next time I go to Snow Monster, I would love to try the other flavors of the boba teas. I had a great experience, and I definitely recommend it for anyone looking to be a “monster.”

Location: 9600 Bolsa Ave Ste G Westminster, CA 92683

Hours: Everyday 12p.m-12a.m

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The “monster” logo. (Tip: Take a picture of your Boba drink in front of the Monster for a “sweet” Instagram picture)
Some of the merchandise available for sale.

@All photos by me





Get the Scoop at Drill’d Ice Cream!

Get the Scoop at Drill’d Ice Cream!

Get the scoop at one of Orange County’s newest trendy ice cream spots: Drill’d Ice Cream in Fountain Valley, CA.

What makes it special? Using a specialized drill machine, the ice cream is fused with different ingredients of your choice such as cereals, candies, chips and more with their base ice cream flavors.

In addition to their specialty drill’d combinations, they offer regular scoops of ice cream flavors such as Mango, Mint Chocolate, Matcha, Vanilla and more. They even have a Jameson Whiskey flavor that actually contains alcohol, so you’ll have to be 21+ to taste!

I tasted 3 of the speciality flavors: Hot as Hell, Give me Smore and Cocoa Joe.

I am the biggest baby when it comes to spicy food but hot Cheetos are still one of my go-to snacks. Hot as Hell definitely lived up to its name. The vanilla ice cream turns pink because hot Cheetos are “drill’d” into it.

Hot as Hell in a waffle cone. Vanilla ice cream and hot Cheetos topped with hot Cheetos dust

Please give me more of Give me Smore! The teddy bear graham crackers and marshmallows made the picture “Instagram-worthy” and the chocolate ice cream and pieces of Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal made me want to order another one.

Give me Smore of those teddy grahams

Cocoa Joe is not your average Joe.

Espresso ice cream with pieces of frosted flakes in every bite, cocoa puffs, cookie crisps and condensed milk drizzled.

A “sweet” ambiance makes a great background to take the perfect picture for Instagram.

Sit on the bench and enjoy the ambiance around you. Tip: The pink area makes the perfect background for a picture of your speciality ice cream.
Stand underneath the arrow with your ice cream cone and don’t forget to tag Drill’d Ice Cream

Location: 18279 Brookhurst St, Ste 2, Fountain Valley, 92708

Hours: Everyday 12p.m-11p.m

Wall of cereal boxes in the back of the shop

The next time I visit Drill’d Ice Cream I want to try:

  • Fresh’Avo: Vanilla ice cream, fresh avocado, frosted flakes and condensed milk.
  • Candyland: Vanilla ice cream, fruity pebbles, pop rocks, fresh strawberries, sprinkles, teddy grahams and strawberry drizzle.
  • Cookies & Dream: Vanilla ice cream, Oreos, crushed Oreos, cocoa puffs, whipped cream and chocolate drizzle.

@All photos by me

Zombee Donuts: A Place to Die For

Zombee Donuts: A Place to Die For

What’s better than celebrating the start of a weekend by treating yourself with donuts? Treating yourself with delicious zombie-inspired donuts from Zombee Donuts & Bakeshop in Fullerton, California.


This donut shop is unlike any donut shop. The owners want their customers to have a killer experience. There is zombie décor throughout the store. As soon as I walked through the rear entrance, I saw all of the zombie and donut themed merchandise available for purchase. There are also tables and chairs to enjoy your donuts and coffee with the unique zombie ambiance.

Zombie and donut merchandise – pillows, mugs, tumblrs, and more!

Now for what you were waiting for—the donuts! They are all zombie-themed with fun names. I was so overwhelmed with all of the choices, that I asked the owners for their recommendations. I bought seven of the most popular donuts that the owners said were to “die” for. They are all zombie themed with fun names. All seven donuts I bought had unique flavors and were delicious.

Cookies n’ Scream is covered with white frosting and Oreo cookie bits and filled with a whipped crème center.

Bleeding Heart doesn’t sound as appetizing until you actually see it. It is a heart-shaped donut with chocolate frosting. To top it off, a pretzel stick stabs the center so you can see the raspberry jelly filling.

Caramel Apple tastes so much like an apple pie, that you want to ask for a scoop of vanilla ice cream to go with it.

Torchured S’mores tasted like a campfire on a donut. Everyone knows that bacon makes everything better, right? The Maple Bacon Bar is exactly what the name is: a piece of bacon placed on a donut. Sweet and salty perfection. The Zombee Mascot is a glazed donut shaped as a zombie with a jelly-filled head.

Eyeball is a red velvet and white swirled donut coated with white and red icing. A chocolate ganache donut hole is then placed in the center.

Eyeball – my personal favorite of the whole bunch

The star of the show, however, was the I’Scream donut filled with Rich Farm Ice Cream. The process of choosing the perfect sugar rush is simple:

  1. choose any donut – specialty or old-fashioned;
  2. pick an ice cream flavor;
  3. eat and enjoy the sugar rush.

The ice cream was so creamy and the combination of the two was delicious.

I chose an old-fashioned chocolate bar with vanilla ice-cream and rainbow sprinkles

For those of you who aren’t too adventurous with your donut choice, or the zombie theme does not appeal to you, they also sell old-fashioned and sprinkle donuts. Additionally, there are also vegan donuts available.

I can’t wait to go back and try more of the delicious and “killer” flavors.

Located: 802 E Chapman Ave, Fullerton, CA 92831

Hours: Monday, Wednesday – Saturday 6a.m – 6p.m

Sunday 7a.m – 12:30p.m

@All photos by me